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Nick Pope commentates extensively in the media on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories. He has appeared on numerous TV news programmes, documentaries and chat shows. Here are a few examples.    Click the icon on any of the videos to view them in fullscreen.

Nick Pope’s position statement delivered at the National Press Club in Washington DC in November 2007, at an event organised by the Coalition for Freedom of Information Nick Pope on Larry King Live The National Archives promotional video where Nick Pope announces the release of the MoD UFO files

Nick Pope discusses the release of the
MoD UFO files on CNN News
A more light-hearted feature, in which Nick Pope reviews
some UFO footage for Sky News
Nick Pope on GMTV in another light-hearted interview

Nick Pope was one of the main contributors to
the History Channel series That's Impossible
Nick Pope features in an Australian TV news feature Nick Pope takes on the conspiracy theorists
in a TV debate about 9/11