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PR Campaigns

Nick Pope has worked with a wide range of PR, marketing and advertising agencies, including Ketchum, Freud Communications, Bartle Bogle Hegarty and Taylor Herring. He has worked as a paid spokesperson for clients that include Microsoft, 20th Century Fox, 7-Eleven and Sony Pictures. Specialising in promoting sci-fi films and in campaigns themed around the unexplained, Nick Pope's contributions have included:

Feature writing
Product endorsement/quote for press release
TV days
Radio days
Attending press screenings and press junkets

Suggesting specific journalists who might run a campaign-related story

Examples of previous campaigns include:

Super 8 Check in to Space

Worked with 7-Eleven on the company’s “Super 8 Check in to Space” promotion and sweepstakes by participating as a spokesperson in more than 50 TV (both pre-recorded and live) and radio interviews. Additional tasks included taking part in an AP photo shoot and being quoted for press materials related to the promotion.

Battle: Los Angeles

Nick Pope on the 7-Eleven "Super 8 Check
in to Space" promotion. © AP Images.

Worked with Wired Associates on behalf of Sony Pictures, undertaking a series of radio, magazine, online and Facebook interviews to promote this blockbuster sci-fi movie. Discussed UFOs, the scientific search for extraterrestrial life and the question of how we'd fight back in the event of alien invasion, linking everything back to the movie.

National Archives UFO Files

In 2007 MoD made a policy decision to declassify and release its entire archive of UFO files. Nick Pope was informed that this news could be made public and duly broke the story in the media. Because of this and because he worked on MoD’s UFO project, he’s been the media's 'go to guy' for this story throughout the ongoing program to release the files. He’s worked with the National Archives previewing the files, selecting cases of potential interest to the media, recording a videocast for the National Archive website and promoting the story with his extensive media contacts. In his capacity as a journalist and broadcaster he's written features on the story for most of the UK's national newspapers and been interviewed on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Sky News, GMTV, This Morning, Radio 4’s Today programme and literally hundreds of other TV and radio shows. Click here for an overview of the story concerning the release of MoD's UFO files to the National Archives and click here for a detailed account.


Worked with a PR company to identify UFO witnesses/alien abductees for newspaper/magazine features being run to tie-in with the release of the sci-fi comedy film Paul.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Worked with 20th Century Fox and Freud Communications on PR for the 2008 remake of this classic sci-fi movie. Work involved undertaking various TV and radio interviews, discussing how the government and the military would respond in the event of extraterrestrial visitation.


Gave a series of newspaper and radio interviews as part of a campaign to promote the launch of the new J J Abrams series Fringe. The interviews were themed around real government and military research into fringe science.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

Worked with 20th Century Fox on PR for the new X-Files film. Work included writing material on real-life mysteries and conspiracy theories for the features mailer and undertaking tie-in media interviews (TV, radio, newspaper and magazine) to promote the film.

Travel Alberta

Undertook a radio day to promote tourism to the Canadian province of Alberta, as part of a campaign based on Alberta's reputation as a UFO hotspot and themed around a fictional character called Joe The Alien.

Virgin Media

Undertook work to promote Sci-Fi Month on Virgin Media's TV on demand service, as part of a 2008 advertising campaign. Work involved undertaking various regional newspaper and radio interviews to promote the service.


Endorsement and tie-in media interviews for the Doritos Broadcast Project, in which the new Doritos TV advert was beamed into space, targeted at a star 42 light years from Earth.

One 2 One 

Starred in a radio advertisement for One 2 One mobile telephones: "I'd like to have a one 2 one with an alien". 


Undertook a wide range of work in association with Grolsch Lager's TV advertisement featuring an alien abduction. Contributed to booklet "How To Be Abducted By Aliens", compiled a Top 40 list of UFO hotspots and undertook various media interviews to promote the campaign. 

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Undertook media interviews to promote the 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition DVD.

The Science Museum 

Took part in a debate and undertook other promotional events to mark the launch of a Science Museum exhibition called The Science of Aliens. 

Undertook lectures and debates to promote the Science Museum's Dana Centre: "sexing up science". 

National Museum of Photography, Film & Television 

Took part in an event to mark the opening of the new site and gave some related media interviews. 

MSN Space Race 

Was a judge in a competition to select the best faked UFO photograph, as part of a campaign to promote Microsoft's MSN Spaces service - also known as Windows Live Spaces. 

Shape The Future 

Contributed an essay on space travel to a booklet sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering, aimed at encouraging young people to pursue studies and careers in science, technology and engineering. 

War of The Worlds 

Undertook media interviews to promote the blockbuster sci-fi movie. 


Undertook media interviews to promote the BBC's new sci-fi series, which is a spin-off from Doctor Who. 

Species III 

Undertook media interviews to promote the launch of this film on DVD. 


Undertook media interviews to promote this sci-fi series.

Weird: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Development credit on this Global Star Software Inc. adventure game.