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Science Fiction

Nick Pope is the author of two best-selling novels about alien invasion, is a regular media commentator on the science fiction genre, and has worked either in a consultancy or a promotional role on some of the biggest and most iconic sci-fi movies and TV shows of all time.

Nick Pope has spoken at sci-fi conventions all around the world, but tries to avoid taking a position on the Star Wars versus Star Trek debate.

Sci-Fi Films, TV Shows and Video Games

Nick Pope has worked as a consultant and/or as a paid spokesperson on a wide range of science fiction movies, TV shows and video games. Having investigated UFOs for the British Government, Nick Pope brings realism and credibility to the project itself, and/or to the associated PR campaign, depending upon the role in which he’s employed. Nick Pope’s credits include:

The X-Files: I Want to Believe
The Day the Earth Stood Still
War of the Worlds
Super 8
Battle: Los Angeles
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition DVD
Species III
XCOM: The Bureau
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Resistance: Burning Skies

Further details can be found in the Paid Spokesperson section of this website

TV Appearances 

Nick Pope is a regular consultant and contributor to TV shows on science fiction, and has appeared as an on-screen expert on shows including: 

The A-Z of Star Trek - Sky One 
Totally Doctor Who - CBBC
My Sci-Fi Life - BBC Four 
Pure Taken - BBC Three 
Sci-Fi Saved My Life: Men in Black - Discovery Channel 
Ultimate Sci-Fi Top 10: Aliens - Sky One 
Ultimate Sci-Fi Top 10: Moments - Sky One 


Nick Pope's two science fiction novels, Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike, were published by Simon & Schuster (UK) and have recently been reissued by Thistle Publishing. Both were bestsellers, and because Nick Pope used to work on the British Government’s UFO project, they are the only sci-fi novels ever to have gone through the government’s formal security vetting process, in the same way as books from former spy chiefs. Film/TV rights are currently available. Further details can be found in the Books section of this website.


Sci-Fi Magazines

Nick Pope has been featured and interviewed in a wide range of science fiction magazines, including: 

Empire - The Story of Sci-Fi 
Total Film
Sci Fi Now