Public Speaking

Nick Pope is in huge demand as a public speaker, giving one-off lectures, speaking at UFO conferences and sci-fi conventions, or participating in debates and panel discussions. He covers a wide range of topics, including UFOs, the unexplained, conspiracy theories, fringe science, and science fiction.

Articulate, well-informed and witty, most of Nick Pope’s public appearances involve him sharing stories and experiences from his time on the British Government’s UFO project, giving the public the chance to meet the man the media call the real Fox Mulder.

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Examples of some of Nick Pope’s previous public appearances include:

Global Competitiveness Forum

This annual event is organized by the Saudi Arabian Government and is similar to the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2011 Nick Pope gave a presentation covering the scientific search for extraterrestrial life and the economic and financial implications of discovering it. President Clinton was the keynote speaker, and attendees included CEO and board level representatives from Google, IBM, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Ernst & Young, Disney and Reuters.

Nick Pope addresses the Global Competitiveness Forum 2011, attended by President Clinton and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

In May 2013 a privately-funded five-day event was held in Washington DC, mirroring the Congressional hearings on the UFO phenomenon that last took place in the Sixties. Sworn testimony was given to a cross-party group of former Congressional representatives. Nick Pope gave testimony twice, delivered a separate evening presentation, and had a number of important bilateral discussions with the politicians involved, briefing them on his government research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

Contact in the Desert

Nick Pope is a regular speaker at UFO conferences such as Contact in the Desert, where he speaks alongside stars of the cult TV show Ancient Aliens, including Giorgio Tsoukalos, Erich von Däniken, George Noory, David Hatcher Childress and David Wilcock.

Royal Albert Hall

In 2010 Nick Pope gave a talk at the Royal Albert Hall, in London. Entitled “The British Government’s UFO Files”, Nick Pope’s presentation gave an overview of the British Government’s UFO Project, his work on this, and his more recent involvement in the project to declassify these files and release them to the UK’s National Archives. This event was put on as part of a space-themed festival called Close Encounters, and it received extensive media coverage at national level.

The Oxford Union

Nick Pope is one of the few people to have debated the subject of UFOs at the Oxford Union – arguably the world’s most famous debating society. The motion was “This House believes that we are not alone”, and it was carried by 290 votes to 191, with Nick Pope leading the winning team to victory.

Cambridge Union Society

Nick Pope gave a lecture to the Society, covering the history of the British Government’s UFO project and detailing some of the classic cases investigated over the years.

The Science Museum

Nick Pope took part in a debate and undertook other promotional events to mark the launch of a Science Museum exhibition entitled “The Science of Aliens”.

Nick Pope undertook lectures and debates at the Science Museum’s new Dana Center venue, the mission of which was articulated as “sexing up science”.

Royal Aeronautical Society

Nick Pope gave a lecture at the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) Museum at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, to the FAA branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society. This talk was promoted on the UK Ministry of Defense website.

Nick Pope gave a lecture to the Bristol branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society, following their Annual General Meeting.

Cheltenham Festival of Science

Nick Pope discussed and debated the UFO phenomenon with Professor Ian Morrison from the Jodrell Bank Observatory, and took questions from the audience.

Newcastle Science Festival

Nick Pope gave a lecture on the history of the British Government’s UFO project. As with many of his talks, a key aim was to interest young people in science and technology.

Science Fiction Conventions

As the author of two best-selling sci-fi novels about alien invasion, and as somebody who has consulted on and helped promote numerous iconic sci-fi movies, TV shows and video games, Nick Pope has spoken at a number of sci-fi conventions, including MancheXter ’97 and Novacon.